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The Internet can be a very confusing place for the person looking to grow their business.

It seems like all of the key pieces of the Internet success puzzle are missing!

New Jersey Web Design Puzzle Solved

eCommerce Engineering has all of the missing pieces, tools and information to make you successful.

We know how to position your business so it is easily found and how to convert visitors to buyers when they get there

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Where have all the customers gone?

It is amazing how little advertising strategies have changed over the past 30 years even though the customers have moved on advertising remains the same."; Advertising was simpler 30 years ago. You created a slogan or jingle and annoyed the heck out of everyone on one of the 3 network TV stations or one of the local radio stations people listened to during drive time. Maybe you would advertise in the local newspaper or use a billboard.

Guess what? There aren't 3 TV stations anymore there are hundreds on cable and Satellite TV most are commercial free and with VCRs, DVRs and TiVo nobody is watching commercials on the commercial channels.

With Tape, DVD, iPods and commercial free Satellite Radio nobody is listening to commercials on the radio anymore either.

A new survey, released in March 2006 by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Forrester Research, Inc., found that 78% of advertisers feel that traditional television advertising has become even more ineffective in the past two years.

Most Newspapers offer text only digital feeds over the Internet, no more ads!

Pop Up blockers have killed Internet Pop Up advertising.

Banner Ads are ignored by 99% of Internet users according to one recent study!

Spam Blockers, White Lists and Black Lists, not to mention new laws, have all but killed Email advertising.

People only click on Pay Per Click ads 15% of the time.

Yellow Page usage by consumers in down over 67% last year and is still dropping.

So the question remains, "Where have all the customers gone?"

According to U.S. Census data and recent consumer surveys over 85% of the US population between the ages of 15 and 65 have access to the Internet.

Over 75% of those online regularly use the Internet to find and compare local business and services.

According to a recent Forrester report during the Holiday season of 2005 over half of the people using the Internet for product comparison and pricing bought products offline.

The Internet is the new Mass Media / Yellow Pages. If you are not online with an effective, customer centric, informational website you are loosing customers to those who are!

If your website was not designed and optimized for local search engines then you won't be listed where your customers are looking. If you are not listed in the local search engines and web directories your customers cannot find you. As far as anyone is concerned you do not exist!

If your website was not designed to be located by search terms your customers would use to search for you, you are invisible on the Internet.

The vast majority of business websites on the Internet are business centric which are of little use to consumers. Why? To most business owners this is the hardest thing to understand! I am sure you have heard the saying "You don't know, what you don't know, if you don't know, you don't know it!"

What does that mean? Have you ever gone into one of those large chain home improvement stores needing something that you do not know what it is called? Maybe you needed parts to fix a leaky faucet. When you start asking questions you get "Faucets, Aisle 8" You know you just need a 25 cent thingamabob but everyone just says: "Faucets, Aisle 8".

Getting frustrated you leave and go to a little hardware store. In the hardware store you say: "My Peerless faucet is leaking and I need one of those replacement widgets!" The clerk in the store says: "You need a blue half inch cone washer. Here you go. That will be 25 cents!"

The chain store is business centric "We sell, we sell, we sell" and the hardware store is customer centric "You need"

What's the difference? One speaks the language of your customer the other speaks the language of your business. Customers buy things businesses sell things. If you want to sell more you need to become customer centric. Lean to speak the customer's language.

If you are thinking, "The hardware guy only made a 25 cent sale.", you need to think in terms of traffic. How many more "big ticket" items would the chain store sell if it increased its traffic in little things.

If you have a website that sells custom stairways a section titled Banisters and Baulisters might be good if you are a wholesaler, jobber or craftsman. If you want to sell to consumers make sure the section is also titled Handrails and Vertical Supports.

Someone searching on the Internet may not know they need a Banister they may just think they need a handrail.

Electronic Commerce Engineering creates Customer Centric Websites. A great deal of customer research specific to your industry is required to in order to create a highly effective easily found website. The investment you make can increase your Internet visibility and your business profits over 300%.

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