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Web Design Mine Hill New Jersey.

There are a few things you should consider before choosing a web designer in Mine Hill, NJ.

If you spend 5 minutes here you could save yourself a lot of money and learn what matters when it comes to websites.

These things matter whether you are trying to sell products on-line, get people into your offline store, find new clients for your law practice or if you are a doctor looking for new patients.

It does not matter how many websites the web designer has done or how nice they look!

The fact of the matter is, for about $29.95 you can buy a package to build your own website without any knowledge or previous skill and put it on the Internet which might look as good and it may have many “Professional” features giving a professional appearance.

In reality almost anyone can build a website in this day an age. Most elementary schools have children in the 3rd grade making websites for fun.

And contrary to what some designers want you to believe, it is not about presence. If that was the case every website would be successful!
Just being there does not make it work anymore than just having a business makes you successful!

According to Comscore and Forrester research companies 99.5% of all professionally designed websites fail.

What do they consider failure? Failure to be found, failure to properly inform, failure to convert visitors, failure to inspire the visitor to take action!

So what do you need to consider in order to be a success!?

You need to consider how much experience your web designer has with marketing, advertising, sales, business promotion and business management and how well they have done on their own as well as on the Internet.

Websites are advertising, marketing and sales! Promotion of your website on the Internet is required to be successful.

Many of the decisions you will need to make for your website will require experience in each of these areas as it applies to both your business and your website. If the only experience you web designer has is running their web design business they will not be able to guide you and your chances of success are not very good.

There are two things you absolutely need to do to be successful.

Your website needs to be found! Not simply by typing in its name or what you do but by what potential customers are searching on. Does your web designer have the skills to view your company from a new customer’s view point and use the search terms a “newbie” will be using besides the terms standard for your industry.

Does your web designer have the skills to recognize and target your niche market to bring potential new customers to your website or do they just talk about traffic in general terms.

Your website needs to convert! Can you web designer create compelling text, from the information you supply, that captures the readers attention and converts the visitor to a new customer?

Will your website be designed with the customer in mind informing them and seeking to fulfill their needs letting them know your business is about its customers or will it be another “here is what we do” failure?

e-Commerce Engineering has the skill and experience to build you a website that works. One of the .5% that make businesses grow.

Why e-Commerce because all of the Internet is e-Commerce and we Engineer the best promotion for you.


Commerce that is transacted electronically, as over the Internet, telephone, radio, television and Point of Sale systems. Also called e-Business.

Baron’s Marketing Dictionary: e-commerce

“Business transactions conducted via electronic means; most often referring to Internet-based relationships between customers and vendors, but also including CD-ROM catalogs; also called internet marketing. The Internet, direct marketing’s newest channel, has provided an unprecedented opportunity on a global basis for businesses to interact with, reach out to, and be accessible by their customers without limitations with respect to physical location or time zone. E-commerce practitioners utilize the Internet to disseminate company or product information, generate leads, take orders, and build customer databases. CD-ROM catalogs permit the distribution of vast amounts of personalized product information via a cost efficient medium. Business-to-business sales are expected to dominate e-commerce by 2003 reaching $1.3 trillion, whereas consumer sales are projected to be $108 billion. Electronic commerce may be adopted more readily by buyers of services and products such as software, information, and photos, because these items can be both sold and distributed over the Internet.”

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: e-commerce

“business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce conducted by way of the Internet or other electronic networks. E-commerce originated in a standard for the exchange of documents during the 1948 – 49 Berlin blockade and airlift. Various industries elaborated upon the system until the first general standard was published in 1975. The electronic data interchange (EDI) standard is unambiguous, independent of any particular machine, and flexible enough to handle most simple electronic transactions. In addition to standard forms for business-to-business transactions, e-commerce encompasses much wider activity — for example, the deployment of secure private networks (intranets) for sharing information within a company, as well as selective extensions of a company’s intranet to collaborating business networks (extranets). A new form of cooperation known as a virtual company, actually a network of firms, each performing some of the processes needed to manufacture a product or deliver a service, has flourished.”

TechEncyclopedia: e-commerce
“Perhaps the First E-Commerce
In 1886, a telegraph operator was able to obtain a shipment of watches that was refused by the local jeweler. Using the telegraph, he sold all the watches to fellow operators and railroad employees and then ordered more. Within a short time, he made enough money to quit his job and start his own catalog mail order business. The young man’s name was Richard Sears, who formed Sears, Roebuck and Co. in 1893.”