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New Jersey Web Design Statistics

Without professional help and feed back from properly analyzed website statistics a website can be a a real crap shoot with a less than 1% chance of doing what it was designed for and paying you back for the investment.

We can bring you out of the darkness and shine the light on your Internet presence with real time information that can turn your website in to a highly focused money machine.

Don't let the Information Super Highway be filled with no traffic and a lot of bumps.

New Jersey Web Design Internet Marketing Failure

Our method can get you this.

Web Design Internet Marketing with SEO SEM

We have ready made platforms with more features than you imagine for eCommerce and Internet Dating.

We utilize database driven CMS platforms for business providing our clients with easily updateable websites with applets for almost every application ever needed and if there is one we don't have we can make it for you.

Web Design

New Jersey Web Design Web Development

The “no cost” web site. When you invest in our design your website will pay to own it.

We build websites that capture interested prospects and turn them in to buyers and clients making your website pay to own it

Our trademarked slogan “We turn business websites from an expense to a profit center!” tells you what we are all about.

Whether you have an existing website or are building one for the first time our method will have it bringing in new clients and customersand have them buying your products and services.

For your business to use the Internet as a highway to your door it must do 3 things.

  1. It must be found. Not by your web address or company name but by what you do and what you offer.
  2. It must engage the visitor and inform them that you are the best business to solve their problem or fill their need. Not by “we are the best” chest beating but with real information.
  3. It must provide the visitor with easy access to you and contain and compelling reason for them to take action now.

If your website is not doing these three things your competition is just one click away.

If your competition’s website is selling better than yours they will get the customer every time.

In fact if your website isn’t working for you, it’s actually be working for your competition!

Your website’s appearance and content can be driving customers to your competition.

Websites are all about the customer not about the business and the business owner who understands this is our best customer.

We can work with them to build the customer centric website that will be a pipeline of clients and customers for their business.

If you have dealt with the common “web designer” in the past, you know  they do little more than have you pick out a website template and ask you for pictures and text for the website. You do all the work and you still have to pay them.

This is like asking someone to paint you a portrait of your company and capture the real essence of its quality when all they really know how to do is paint by number.

They do not have sales and marketing experience and they do not create website that capture and convert customers so your website winds up being an expensive billboard in the middle of nowhere.

Our process begins with an extensive set of  interviews to learn about you and your business, its key players, who your customers are and where you want to take your business. Often we will also interview major clients and customers to examine what they see as your strengths and weaknesses.

We then begin the process of creating an Internet window to your business that lets prospective buyers and clients see the core excellence of your business.

The end result will draw clients, customers and sell your products and services for years to come providing you with the highest return on any investment your business will make.

Your website will not be an expenses but will be returning dividends.

A website that didn’t cost to build but paid to build.

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