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New Jersey Web Design Puzzle Solved

The Internet can be a very confusing place for the business owner who needs interested prospects find their website.

It seems like all of the key pieces of the puzzle are missing!

eCommerce Engineering has all of the missing pieces, tools and information.

We know how to position your business so it is easily found and how to convert visitors to buyers when they get there

We turn business websites from
an expense to a profit center!™

Getting to the “Wow” in your business.

Selling in a slow economy can be a real problem for most businesses that don't take the time to really look at their marketing and the story it tells about the business.

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Advertising does not work!

You often hear small business owners complaining that advertising does not work. They say it cost far too much to produce a new customer! It is hard to argue with the facts! Even when you talk to professional marketing people they will tell you, "An Ad needs to be seen 10 times before anyone sees it!" or "You need to brand your business!" and "You need to get name recognition!" also "You have to price competitively!" Read more »

Where have all the customers gone?

It is amazing how little advertising strategies have changed over the past 30 years even though the customers have moved on advertising remains the same."; Advertising was simpler 30 years ago. You created a slogan or jingle and annoyed the heck out of everyone on one of the 3 network TV stations or one of the local radio stations people listened to during drive time. Maybe you would advertise in the local newspaper or use a billboard.

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Is your website secretly working for your competition?

How about your advertising? Do your ads make it easier for prospective customers to choose your competition? Without knowing it many businesses do that very thing every day. How? By not providing a website or advertising that grabs prospective customers attention. By not informing them who you are and what you can do for them from their point of view. By not offering solutions for theirs needs and wants. By not educating prospective customers about your products and services. Read more »

How many customers do you miss out on everyday?

Businesses who are not integrating their offline marketing with their online efforts risk loosing vast sales opportunities, according to a recent study.

According to a recent consumer research survey by BIGresearch of Worthington, Ohio, 74% of men and 74% of women research products and services online before purchasing offline. Read more »

98% of Business Websites are a waste of money!

Want the secret the remaining 2% use to obtain unbelievable results! If your site is not bringing in pre sold new customers or selling your products then it is a complete waste of money. You are not alone 98% of all business websites waste money supporting a website! They know you have to have a website!, so anything will do! Read more »

Have you ruined your business’ chance for success?

Many, many businesses destroy their chance for success by turning their products and services into commodities. Not just small businesses even the largest companies in the world do this to themselves. They limit their profitability and create a stranglehold on pricing by competing with, rather then defeating their competition!

Commodities are bought and sold on price only. After all they are common items, right? Commodities are things like soap, food, clothing and so on. But so have become Cell Phones, Computers and Internet service even Plumbers, Electricians, Doctors and Lawyers.

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