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Is your website secretly working for your competition?

How about your advertising? Do your ads make it easier for prospective customers to choose your competition? Without knowing it many businesses do that very thing every day. How? By not providing a website or advertising that grabs prospective customers attention. By not informing them who you are and what you can do for them from their point of view. By not offering solutions for theirs needs and wants. By not educating prospective customers about your products and services.

If you are using the traditional advertising method, your ads and your website is something like this.

The biggest letters are your company name. You have a slogan, motto, jingle or mission statement. You include a few platitudes "We are the best!" or VWe do it right the first time!" or "We have the best prices!"

Maybe you have a cute logo!

Then you do what every advertising company has been telling everyone to do for the last 60 years, place your ad then repeat, repeat, repeat. What happens? The advertising agency says repeating creates visibility. Actually repeating the ad creates commissions for the ad agency.

Stop and think about this for a minute. If you see an ad and it connects with something you want or need then you will read it. If it doesn’t no matter how many times it is in front of you, you won’t read it! Is that statement right or wrong? Well then why would you repeat the same ad over and over if it is not working?

Repeating the same poor ad over and over only helps your competition to make more and more sales. Maybe you should see if they have an affiliate program. At least then you would get a commission for helping them sell!

There are companies that seem to come out of nowhere and dominate the market place. How do they do that? They focus on the customers need and provide the solution!

Here is a really simple example; Federal Express. I have never seen an advertisement from Federal Express telling me about their fleet of planes. I have never gotten a brochure about their high tech distribution system. When I go to their web site I don’t see a 30 second flash presentation on how good they are.

What is the only thing Federal Express says? "When is absolutely, positively has to be there over night!"

They talk to my need and they provide the solution. Do I care how they are going to do it? No! Do I care what color their planes are? No! Do I care how their distribution network works? No!

What do I care about? That my package gets there the next morning before10:30 A.M.!

What’s the biggest writing on the Federal Express ad? The headline! What is one of the smallest things? The company name! The headline pointing out a problem and offering a solution and the phone number are the biggest parts of the ad.

Did Federal Express get huge overnight by repeating the same ad over and over about their planes or their distribution network or how efficient they are? Nope, they pointed out a problem and provided the solution.

Their solution actually changed how business was done literally overnight.

Is your advertising and website telling the world facts and figures that anyone in your business can do or is it telling the world I see your problem and I have the solution!

It is time to stop selling for the competition. It is time to change the perception that your business gets from prospective customers from average to the best choice! It is time to stop being your competition’s best asset call 908-520-0095 or visit

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