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Since its first commercial use, the Internet has blossomed in to the most effective place on which to promote your business.

The Internet has competed with, replaced and in some cases caused the demise of News Papers, Magazines, Billboards, Direct Mail and the Yellow Pages.
The Yellow Pages were once the premier place for businesses to advertisebut anymore today unless you are in the computer repair business most people will use their computer to access the Internet and search for their needs.
Unfortunately many businesses are still trying to use the same advertising techniques that they used on the now much outdated Yellow Pages.
Before the advent of the Internet, businesses spent huge sums of money searching for new customers. The Internet has changed all of that and now prospective customers use powerful search engines to trying to locate your business and the products you sell.
Whether you are marketing around town, local, regional, national or world wide you need to be properly index in the major search engines.
Being on the Internet is not enough to be found customers are not searching for your company name or your web address they are searching on the products that you sell.
Businesses that are not properly indexed in the major search engines do not have any hope of being found. Your competition who places better will be the one who gets all of the business.
Once your website has been found it must capture the visitor’s attention, sell then your product and close the sale.
The website that does this the best will be the business that gets the sale.
Most businesses learn too late that websites are about their customers and not about their business. It does not matter if you like your website it only matters that your customers like your website.
Building customer centric, highly communicative, interactive websites takes knowledge, skill and experience.
Businesses are used to having competition in the area or the next town. On the Internet your competition is just one mouse click away.
Another fact that many business people learn too late or never learn is that your website can actually help your competition to succeed.
Having an inferior website makes your competition look good and no matter how big your business and how well you serve customers in your place of business, your business is judged – the first impression – by your website.
You may never get another chance at that customer. How many times do you need to miss out on finding new customers before you are out of business?