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The Internet can be a very confusing place for the person looking to grow their business.

It seems like all of the key pieces of the Internet success puzzle are missing!

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Have you ruined your business’ chance for success?

Many, many businesses destroy their chance for success by turning their products and services into commodities. Not just small businesses even the largest companies in the world do this to themselves. They limit their profitability and create a stranglehold on pricing by competing with, rather then defeating their competition!

Commodities are bought and sold on price only. After all they are common items, right? Commodities are things like soap, food, clothing and so on. But so have become Cell Phones, Computers and Internet service even Plumbers, Electricians, Doctors and Lawyers.

These items and services, at onetime, were unique specialized items that people paid a premium for! Portable Cell Phones sold for over $3,000. Portable Computers sold for over $6,000 and Internet Service was about $50 per month.

What happened? The companies that provided them started marketing by saying "Me Too!" Once they did that their products and services became commodities and competed on price only. Basically, their marketing departments told prospective customers that the only difference between the competition and us is price.

A quick look in the Yellow Pages will tell you almost every other business is doing the same thing. Take any section and look at the ads. If you changed the names and numbers between any of the ads would it make any difference in the information you got from the ad about that company? They all look the same.

They all claim the same thing! How can you choose? By who quotes you the cheapest price?

Unfortunately, when viewed from the outside by the prospective customer, price the only difference between almost all businesses is price. Customers cannot see how good or bad a business really is until they have hired them to do work or asked someone else about the business. If the person they ask had a bad experience then you have lost a customer or 10 or 20 or more!

Conversely if they were happy you might gain a new customer! But this all relies on word of mouth advertising that can be quite slow and you don’t have any control over whether it is good or bad.

You must have wondered about the small group of companies that don’t fit the mold. Companies like America On Line, you can get free Internet access from Netzero but over 10 million people pay AOL $29.95 a month. PeoplePC is $9.95 a month and so are many ISPs but they never get near the amount of customers AOL has. What makes people sign up with AOL to be overcharged by $20 or $30 or more per month? What makes people stand in line at Starbucks to buy a common 50 cent cup of coffee and pay almost $7.00 for it?

How do you move your company out of the commodity dead zone and back to the land of the specialty product? You would think this must be the "best kept" secret in marketing! It is not really a secret, it is just something 99.999% or all Marketing and Advertising companies do not know!

I’ll tell you the "secret." It is not something dark and devious. It is not a revelation from on high! It is not even that profound. Once you hear it you will think, "well that makes sense!" The problem is it is not very easy to do. It takes time. It takes effort and it sometimes takes swallowing your pride. You have to let your ego take a back seat. You have to take how much you think you know about your business and put it behind you. You have to open your mind to something totally new!

The secret is you have to learn to look at your business the way your customers do! Once you learn to do that you will see why you are where you are! Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes can be a very humbling situation. It can also be the pathway to charging what you are really worth. It is the way to separate your business from the competition and ending the commodity perception of your business.

If we could see our business the way other people see it would we do things the way we do know?

Probably not! The one thing almost all businesses fail to do is market to their customers wants and needs.

Look at AOL. It costs them very little to provide all of the additional services that they have. Parental Controls what an idea and so simple that an Adult can set it up yet a Child cannot defeat it! Spam control, virus protection, instant messaging, firewall, popup protection, computer checkup, software upgrades, on line searching with pornography filters how could you think of going anywhere else! Every need that the busy parent could want to protect their children on the Internet! The marketing is all about getting access, protection the children, protecting the computer and keeping you up and running. Somebody spent the time and the money asking people what they wanted from their ISP and then made sure that the customers could see all those things from the outside!

Sometimes it is as simple as "Have it your way!" It might require that your advertising gets right to the wants, needs and fears like AOL. It might also take a booklet, a sample or a videotape to educate your prospective customers that you have the right solution. It takes time and effort to get the viewpoint of your customers or maybe those of your competition’s customers but it is something no business can be successful without.

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