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Advertising does not work!

You often hear small business owners complaining that advertising does not work. They say it cost far too much to produce a new customer! It is hard to argue with the facts! Even when you talk to professional marketing people they will tell you, "An Ad needs to be seen 10 times before anyone sees it!" or "You need to brand your business!" and "You need to get name recognition!" also "You have to price competitively!"
When a new product comes on the market that solves a problem or makes something very easy to do, do you wait until you have seen the ad 10 times? Do you wait until the company is branded? Do you wait for name recognition? No! If it is going to make you happy, fix your problem or make things easier you go get one. Well that kind of proves what they told you is not true. What they won’t tell you is "we produce advertisements based copying what we think works for other people without any feedback and have low expectations of our ability to get you new customers."
If you buy into being "price competitive" then you are saying, "My company or product is no different than anybody else's!" Do you really believe that? Do you believe your business is the same as the worst guy in your business? The businesses that do not believe that and think the value their customers receive is worth more, can charge more as soon as they convey they perception to their prospective customers. Did you notice that the word "Perception" was used not fact or reality?
How your customers perceive you is much more important that what you really are. Your business might be the best there is at your particular trade but if nobody thinks you are, you are not going to do well. On the other hand your company may only be the same as every other business, but you put on a good show and your customers think you are great!
So what is the result? You can pick and choose your customers! Ever hear of the 80 / 20 rule. It states that 80 percent of your profits come from 20 percent of your customers! So why not tell the 80 percent you are not making money on that you are too busy! You can do the same with new customers keep the ones you make money from and "Fire" the rest. You can raise your rates to fit the customer's perception! The bottom line, you make a lot more money with a lot less hassle!
Creating an image of a competent and trustworthy company does not happen by accident. Many businesses and professionals work at it for years and never achieve that status!
There is a shortcut! It has been proven over and over again it is called Informational Marketing.
Did you ever wonder how Starbucks gets away with charging almost $7.00 for a cup of coffee you can make at home for 25 cents? They are not alone! There are thousands of companies who have tuned into Informational Marketing to turn their businesses into proverbial "Cash Cows" by creating the perception that one business is so much better than the competition!
You don’t think that is possible. Do some research check out companies like Apple and Microsoft. Both started about the same time. Apple had much better funding and major investors. Apple had much better products! Microsoft out sells them 1,000 to 1. About the same time VCRs came on the market. The Sony "BetaMax" and the no name VHS. Betamax was a better system marketed and sold by a corporate giant. VHS's picture was not as good and it was sold by almost every TV manufacturer around. The prices were the same for both systems. While Sony went around branding VHS companies sold convenience and need. After being out sold buy over 5,000 to 1 for 10 years Sony dropped BetaMax. Sony has made and sold VHS units every since.
Perception is 9/10ths of a business’ profitability and the more you facilitate the buying decision the better your company will be perceived. Informational Marketing can take your company to the next level and far beyond call 908-520-0095 and find out how to have your company "perceived" as the best there is!