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The Internet can be a very confusing place for the person looking to grow their business.

It seems like all of the key pieces of the Internet success puzzle are missing!

New Jersey Web Design Puzzle Solved

eCommerce Engineering has all of the missing pieces, tools and information to make you successful.

We know how to position your business so it is easily found and how to convert visitors to buyers when they get there

We turn business websites from an expense to a profit center!™

Electronic Commerce Engineering Corporation is a top web design firm in the Newton, New Jersey Web Design Services guide on

98% of Business Websites are a waste of money!

Want the secret the remaining 2% use to obtain unbelievable results! If your site is not bringing in pre sold new customers or selling your products then it is a complete waste of money. You are not alone 98% of all business websites waste money supporting a website! They know you have to have a website!, so anything will do!

If your site is not bringing in pre sold new customers or selling your products then it is a complete waste of money. You are not alone 98% of all business websites waste money supporting a website! They know you have to have a website!, so anything will do!

2% of website owners have figured out that properly designed website is like having a money tree! They have figured out the secret to making a website really work. They have figured out that investing in a website is the best investment they have ever made!

Let me forewarn you that there are a lot of cons and scams with web design on the Internet. They might look like they save money or help your success in some way but they area all designed just to take your money!

Here are few more simple web design solutions that waste even more money.

The Web Site tonight, Wow, I can save money. The do it yourselfer, it looks easy and I can save money! They are the people who when charged with serious crime buy a k-mart legal defense kit and then complain from prison how the legal system does not work! They are falling prey to the Web Hosting Company they get $10 to $50 a month and provide you with little more than a billboard in the middle of a desert. They offer you all kinds of features and try and tell you how easy it is. The fact is your site will lack the one key ingredient for success.

The SEO scam. These people tell you your site needs to be Search Engine Friendly they charge you a lot of money, tell you that you cant see the changes they all happen behind the scenes, promise to submit your site to over 75,000 search engines. After a few weeks they show you a report that on some obscure search engine your site is number one with a key word that really does not apply to your site. The truth is there are only 6 search engines that matter. Only 2 of them comprise 95 percent of all searches and only 1 that counts for 80 percent of all the searches. There are over 1 billion web pages. Even if youre listed in every location on the Internet you cannot be successful without the one key ingredient for success!

The Marketing and Advertising company scam that tells you your web site should look like your billboard advertising and tells you to promote your web site on all of your print media. If your business is only online this is a good idea. If not, this is like telling people who see your ads and get you direct mail to drive out to the highway and see your billboard. This is reminiscent of the See our ad in the Yellow Pages! Why would you send someone who is interested in your company to a place where there are a lot of other businesses just like yours advertising the same thing? If your site does not have the key ingredient for success it does not matter who you tell about it!

The Web Designer scam. The franchisee, they got 5 days of instruction from the franchise! Thats 5 more than you have so he must be good. Your nephew who took a 30 hour course in web programming. Or the part timer who is trying to make money on the side. These people want your money. I doubt they know enough about business to build the key ingredient for success in to your website!

The Web Programmer. They tell you all about the slick things you should have on your web site to make it really cool One site fits all web sites. Cookie cutter web sites that you just change the name and edit the text. Flash, snap, crackle and pop are not what it takes. With out the key ingredient you might as well just leave the programmers code in his computer!

The Internet Consultant. Most will give you the following list of why websites fail. They dont know there is a key ingredient that makes a website successful. 

     1.) The site cannot be found through a search engine.

     2.) The page loads to slow.

     3.) To many pictures

     4.) The use of inappropriate technology.

     5.) The navigation is difficult to follow.

     6.) The user cant find what they came to the site for.

     7.) The content is poor.

     8.) The information is stale or not useful.

     9.) Detailed registration required for free information.

What they know came out of a book by Steve Krug called Dont Make Me Think! These are all only common sense. I guess they have followed the book and are not thinking! It is obvious that they do not know the key ingredient! Its not in the book!

So what is the key ingredient that a website needs to be successful? There is one word for it, communication. Thats it in a nutshell. But just like everything else you will find in a nutshell it is hard to get to.

The basic and most simple parts of communication are all covered in any professional website design. Even the website tonight websites covers the basics, color, layout, font and navigation.

What less than 1% of all the websites on the Internet have and what makes them unbelievable successful is they communicate with their visitors from the customers view point. Products and services are not only listed from the professional viewpoint but also from the viewpoint of someone who is totally ignorant about your business or service.

When you communicate with someone face-to-face it is easy for them to say; I need one of those things that does… That is not so easy to do on a website and is very difficult to do with a search engine like Google.

The key is to talk to your new customers. Ask them a lot of questions about what they were looking for, what they were calling it and so on.

Building those terms and phrases into your website gets them indexed in the major search engines. Once they are there others lacking in knowledge about your business will be able to find them also. You should interview 50 to 100 new customers so you get a broad enough sampling of words and phrases. Use this information to query keyword databases to find out how they stack up against what other people are searching on.

This can be very time consuming but it is definitely worth it! You may have to call over 500 people to get 100 people on the phone to answer your questions. After getting the information it needs to be collated and search engine keyword databases need to be queried and the data compared. Once you have the results the text of your website needs to be rewritten to include the relevant search terms and the website resubmitted to the major search engines.

The time, effort and money invested can have an extremely large investment return for your business creating a non-stop stream of new customers and clients.

Electronic Commerce Engineering Corporation builds customer centric websites utilizing the techniques outlined in this article maximizing your Internet visibility and customer comunication.

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